Summer Won’t Last, But Here’s How You Can


We’re into the final days of summer. The heat is about to go away…except for indoors, of course! We can still enjoy our own hot nights inside with wild sex and lots of jerking off. But what do we do when we can make our sessions last for only a few minutes?

For some reason, there are times when we can make our jerk sessions last for only so much time before exploding. This can be good for quickies, but when we want to make the moment last a long time, this can be frustrating to cum so soon. Even if we can go up to 20 minutes of touching ourselves, we might want to go on for 40 instead! So if you’re looking for ways to make your sexual drive go on for a while before cumming, here are a few helpful tips:

Jerk Off a Lot

If you masturbate enough times in the day, your chances of your night sessions lasting longer are better. When all that cum is out of your system, then you’ll feel more relaxed for the rest of the day.

Get Comfortable With Edging

It might take time to get used to this, but this can feel amazing. It might be intense at first, but when edging becomes a part of your routine, your body will develop in different ways.

Think of a Few Turn-Offs

When you’re fucking someone, you might get the urge to cum fast because you’re in the moment. So it might help to give your brain a few thoughts that aren’t so sexy: cleaning your bathroom, an embarrassing moment, drywall, etc. Let these thoughts run through your mind so you’ll feel less horny and then when you’re ready, you can get back into the moment. This also works for your own solo time!

Change Up Your Routine

If you’re always jerking in one part of your home, try a different room- kitchen, bathroom, living room…or, change positions. Jerk on your back, your side, stomach, standing up, whatever. Jerk at different times and when you may not feel so horny yet. Sometimes, a good masturbation session can just be the pre-round before the massive cumshot.

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